3D - for UNITY (Asset Creation, Level Building, and basic Scripting (C#))

I come at Unity development from the art side. However, the following projects allowed me to dive into scripting as well. I have way too much respect for what programmers can do, to call my self a programmer. But I am well past the novice level of writing scripts in unity now and look forward to sharpening my cut and paste, er, I mean, scripting skills on future projects.



Company: VRB/Samsung Accelerator, NY.
Year: 2016
Team Size: 3-5
Art: 3D modeling, uv's, light baking, vehicle animations, particle FX
Scripting: basic interaction, spawn points, triggers
Technical: scene maintenance, audio set-up, Oculus trouble shooting, plug-in figur-outing, shader fiddling, mechanim
Description: Happily spent 6 months working on a prototype mobile/social VR world, and testing it on Oculus. Also helped to concept and integrate prototype 3D sets into a 360 Photo sharing app, now out on the Oculus store.



Company: Amplify Games
Year: 2011-2013
Team Size: Solo
Art: 3D modeling, uv's, light baking
Scripting: Touch navigation, spawn points, triggers
Technical: Bounding meshes, scene maintenance, audio set-up, shader fiddling, mechanim
Description: Early state concept work, in Unity and Maya, for games taht would go on to be developed by larger outside studios, like Schell Games, Preloaded, Zachtronic, Moonbot. The prototypes were touch tablet based, and showcased different perpectives on the game play, look and mechanism.



Company: Amplify Learning
Year: 2013
Team Size: 6-7
Art: 2D assets, photo manipulation, particle FX
Scripting: NGUI, animation
Technical: NGUI, Scene maintenance, Audio set-up, script to asset hook-ups, mechanim
Description: 2D Unity project involving paralaxing, and side scrolling 2D photo-montages.



Company: Elysium
Year: 2010
Team Size: 1-2
Art: 3D modeling, uv's, light baking, particle FX
Scripting: None
Technical: Scene maintenance, Audio set-up, shader fiddling
Description: Had the task of recreating an existing 2D game, as a 3D game in Unity. Consisted of one exterior base level, and 4-5 interior sub-levels.



Company: Amplify Learning
Year: 2013
Team Size: 2-3
Art: 3D modeling, uv's, light baking, animations
Scripting: UI, triggers
Technical: NGUI, Scene maintenance
Description: As a proof of concept, I was asked to show off a few basic ui/interation events in Unity, as it could relate to altering traits on an organism. We went with a semi-transparent cactus, wearing a hat, which could be filled with fluid.